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Background Bio for Yusuf Estes

  • WARNING: Many emails and websites present incorrect information about Yusuf Estes, his  beliefs, background and teachings. For this reason we offer this accurate yet brief biography for use in advance publicity and public introductions.
    DO NOT USE WICKED-PEDIA or any other website sources other than our own. Only ours are reliable.
  • *Brief Introduction - Just read the parts beginning with (*) in blue ink.

Born to A Musical Christian Family..
Yusuf Estes was born in 1944, to a musically talented, Christian family in Midwest America. Mom played piano, dad played piano & clarinet. Moved to Houston, Texas in 1949. He was baptized in Disciples of Christ Church in 1956.

Music, Show Business & Jesus..
He completed his music studies in early 1960s, became a music teacher, and played accordion for Myron Floren of Lawrence Welk fame in 1968. He was known for doing grandstand and performing in touring road shows. He started owning music stores in 1970s, and later became a music minister calling people to the Lord with his love of music, Jesus and the Bible.

Music Stores, Politics & Jesus..
He and his father owned businesses and worked together his father's organization, Concerned Christian Center. Both worked in politics and served together on the Texas Governor's Conference for Business Leaders during the early 1980's. During his business career he built up a chain of music stores and even had his own television series called the "Estes Music Jamboree".

Wealth & Faith - But Still Looking..
Sheik Yusuf owned expensive homes, cars, boats and at one time he even owned airplanes. Even though he had great wealth, while Sheik Yusuf was calling people to salvation through Jesus, we kept looking.

*He Met a Muslim from Egypt..
It was 1991 when his father introduced Sheik Yusuf to a Muslim from Egypt. Sheik Yusuf immediately tired to convert him to Jesus and be a Christian. But the Muslim brought true understanding about the world's fastest growing religion and a real awakening to Islam.

*He Learned Important Lesson..
Sheik Yusuf learned Islam is not just blind faith. The Egyptian Muslim showed him, authentic proofs and evidence are essential to true Islam.

Catholic Priest Enters Islam...
Father Peter Jacobs, a Catholic priest lived in the home of Sheik Yusuf and also tried to show Christianity to the Muslims. But after three months of debates, dialogs and a couple visits to the mosque, Father Peter Jacobs entered Islam and changed his name to brother Yahya.

*Deep Prayer For Guidance..
After seeing a priest enter Islam and actually finding so much proof for truth of Islam, Sheik Yusuf had to really think and pray deep in his heart for guidance. And Allah did guide him, Al Hamdulillah.

Entered Islam - July 1991..
After putting his head on the ground and asking Almighty God to guide him, the guidance came and he accepted God's Will in complete peace (the meaning of ISLAM is: Submission to God in Peace).

Continued Travel & Studies in Islam..
Sheik Yusuf is always studying Islam, Arabic language and the Quran while working day and night to present the correct message of Islam both to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. His research takes him to many religious institutions and scholars around the world, including: Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Turkey, Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Trinidad, Tobago, Dutch Antilles, Barbados, India, Qatar and the list goes on.

Lectures, Web-Casts, TV Shows..
While traveling all around the world, Sheik Yusuf has given hundreds of lectures, authored many books, established thousands of websites, began live web-casting and video conferences in mosques and schools.
He presents Islam in his simple, yet direct approach to easily understand what is now the "World's Most Misunderstood Religion". His talks help people get the right idea about God, Worship, Beliefs and Teachings of Islam. Even born Muslims say his presentations help them understand Islam better.

U.S. Chaplain & U.N. Delegate..
He was asked by United States Government to serve as chaplain for prison inmates in Federal Institutions all over America. He also served as Muslim Delegate to the United Nations World Peace Summit for Religious Leaders, Aug. 2000.

*Many More Accept Islam..
Sheik Yusuf helps people understand through his television programs, DVDs, CDs, websites and satellite TV channel. Thousands have accepted Islam at his hands.

Watch Yusuf Estes on Satellite TV..
Yusuf Estes and many scholars are on Satellite TV all across America, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check it out on: www.GuideUS.TV 

The complete story of his conversion to Islam and his presentations are all available for free at: Yusuf

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  1. Assalamu Alaykum,
    May ALLAH bless you and award with Paradise

    BROTHER IN ISLAM,I have watched you giving a public lecture in Islam on Peace TV,and i really liked your presentation methodology of how simply getting the attention of the listeners at ease.
    Also,your determination and devotion to spread the "HAQ" or the "TRUE RELIGION" to the best of your efforts is what has taken me that very moment until i found myself writing this shirt comment after few clicks & typings of your name "Yusuf Estes.
    I ask AllAH to reward you thousandfolds of this not-easy-mission for ALLAH'S sake which unurguebly is a must to each and every one of us to pass the truth to the others.
    Alhamdu Lillah
    Brother ALI.M.ALI

  3. aslamolakom i am Arif khan from pakistan i watched all of your videos and i like you way of preaching.your speeches were very easily understandable and attractive. also dowa for us to become like you.

  4. May I speak to you personally?
    I am 55.
    Thank you.

  5. assalamu alleykum brother in Islam yusuf Estes.i have watched you giving lectures on huda TV, maasha'allaah.i like the way you preach, may allah almighty reward you for what you have done for the ummah and grant for you janna-alfirdows-a'laa aameeeeeeeeeeeeen

  6. Jazkhalkhairaa for the post Sheikh. I've included into the blog too

  7. It's coming! "GAME OVER" on the lies about Sheikh Yusuf Estes, check out

  8. a. Mom played piano, dad played piano & clarinet. Moved to Houston, Texas in 1949. He was baptized in Disciples of Christ Church in 1956. sky tv abroad

  9. Hi,
    I am a christian lady married and trying to show my husband the lectures of sheikh Youssef Estes.

    But there is a guy from Morocco claiming he is a liar, I dont believe it but that guy who appears on al hayat channel is deceiving him, he is like a venom in the christian minds.

    Please if you have any proof that Sheikh Youssef Estes was a christian preacher, please send me a link with a video showing the lies about him on al hayat TV

    Many thanks

  10. Hi,

    I am a christian lady who listens to sheikh Youssef Estes quite often, I am trying to convince my husband but there is that guy from al Hayat TV who is claiming he is liar and was not a priest.
    I do not believe this and trying to show my husband but he does not believe me, that guy from Morocco is like a venom in the christian minds.

    Please help in sending me a link and video of Sheikh Youssef before converting preaching or any proof that he was a christian preacher, my husband does not believe anything on the websites or Wikipedia!!

    Anyone has a video of him before preaching?

    Thanks a lot!!

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